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10-Films Featuring Critically Acclaimed Actors DVD Ben Kingsley, Jack Nicholson -

Echo Bridge

10-Films Featuring Critically Acclaimed Actors DVD Ben Kingsley, Jack Nicholson -

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Slipstream: Matt Owens (Bill Paxton), a bounty hunter, kidnaps a fugitive from the custody of law officer Tasker (Mark Hamill), after learning there is a price on the killer's head. To avoid detection, Owens flies into a volatile, post-apocalypse slipstream. If he hopes to make it out alive, he'll have to face pursuing officers, a religious cult that holds the winds sacred, and the unknowns of the mysterious slipstream itself... The Wild Ride: Johnny Varron (Jack Nicholson) is the tough-talking, fast-living leader of a California gang. When his buddy, Dave, turns his back on their rowdy lifestyle for his straight-laced girlfriend, Nancy, Varron becomes dangerously bitter. Mesmerized: To escape the confines of an orphanage, Victoria (Jodie Foster) agrees to marry Oliver Thompson (John Lithgow). But when she moves into Oliver's house, she realizes that she's made a grave mistake and must get out...any way that she can. Guilty Conscience: Successful criminal lawyer Arthur Jamison (Anthony Hopkins) is facing a financial fiasco if he goes forth with his divorce proceedings and pays his wife's sizable alimony demands. Instead, Arthur decides to eradicate the problem entirely and get rid of his wife for good. Death Sentence: When a woman (Cloris Leachman) is selected for jury duty, it is little more than a nuisance to her—but then she learns that it is a murder trial. As tidbits of information are revealed throughout the courtroom proceedings, she begins to realize that the man who stands accused (Nick Nolte) is innocent. But that is only the beginning. The real bombshell is that she believes the true killer to be none other than her very own husband... The Big Trees: In this Western adventure, a greedy lumberman (Kirk Douglas) goes from villain to hero when he learns that there is more to life than money. Power, Passion and Murder:A beautiful starlet (Michelle Pfeiffer) falls for a married Hollywood executive, but when love becomes obsession, lives hang in the balance. Gangster Story: Jack Martin (Walter Matthau) moves in on a rival's territory on his quest to become a mob boss. But in a surprising twist of events, the two men team up as partners in crime. The Terror: Lieutenant Duvalier (Jack Nicholson) is smitten with a mysterious woman, but becomes suspicious of her shadowy demeanor in this Roger Corman classic. Co-starring Boris Karloff. David and Goliath: A young shepherd must challenge a nine-foot tall giant to a battle in order to remove King Saul (Orson Welles) from his throne.
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