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10-Movie Horror Collection Featuring Rise of the Undead DVD Anthony Perkins -

Echo Bridge

10-Movie Horror Collection Featuring Rise of the Undead DVD Anthony Perkins -

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Rise of the Undead: The nation has collapsed, leaving a room full of strangers filled with dread and uncertainty. Venturing into the apocalyptic world without a plan, the group soon realizes they aren't the only ones who have survived there are zombies everywhere. To Survive: Jonathan, a lone drifter, begins to take on responsibility for a group of apocalypse survivors. But will the dangers of the empty countryside kill his chance at love and family? Slipstream: Matt Owens, a bounty hunter, kidnaps a fugitive from a law officer (Mark Hamill). To avoid detection, Owens flies into a post-apocalypse slipstream. Now he'll have to face the law, a religious cult that holds the winds sacred, and the unknowns of the slipstream. The Devil's Messenger: The devil (Lon Chaney Jr.) sends his right-hand henchman to Earth to execute a final, apocalyptic plot: detonate a 500 megaton bomb, destroy all of mankind, and fill the chambers of hell with tormented souls. Night Train to Terror: An unsuspecting rock band boards a train bound for nowhere, while two illustrious presences, God and Satan, swap macabre tales and discuss the fate of the train's passengers. Daughter of Darkness: Katherine travels to Romania to find her father and uncovers their blood-sucking legacy. Starring Anthony Perkins. Zombies vs. Strippers: Zombie apocalypse comes to a down-and-out adult establishment where strippers must fight off invading flesh-eaters. The Last Man on Earth: Scientist Robert Morgan (Vincent Price) must save humanity from extinction after a sinister plague transforms mankind into a blood-thirsty breed of creatures. I Eat Your Skin: When a writer travels to a remote island to gather material for his next novel, he discovers that it's full of zombies and meets the cancer researcher who's to blame. Destined To Be Ingested: Tom, Anna and their friends were loving life on the beautiful waters of the South Pacific...even if their boat's big, dumb captain did get them lost. But when they end up on an island they believe to be uninhabited, the vacation is over. Attacked by a tribe of vicious natives, the group will quickly learn that there's trouble in paradise.
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