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16-Movie Adventure Collection DVD Box Set John Garfield, George Raft - Brand New

Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

16-Movie Adventure Collection DVD Box Set John Garfield, George Raft - Brand New

$6.99 $7.99

Hot Rod Girl-Teenage hot rodders are ripping up the streets. A police deputy petitions the town to build a drag strip but meets plenty of obstacles. Starring Chuck Conners. Blonde Savage-Meelah has been raised by an African tribe and hailed as a goddess. Two transport pilots crash land and their paths cross with the "blonde savage." Seven Doors to Death-Jimmy McMillan (Chick Chandler), an architect, must solve a robbery and murder by reconstructing the crime in the hallways and rooms of his creation, a building with seven entrances. They Made Me a Criminal-Prizefighter Johnny Bradfield is framed for murdering a reporter and finds refuge with an unsuspecting ranching family. But he blows his cover when he enters a fight for prize money to help the family save their home. The Silver Horde-Boyd Emerson and his pal Fraser fight for salmon fishery dominance in Alaskan waters. Meanwhile there is a serious rivalry between Mildred Wayland, a Seattle socialite, and Cherry Malotte for Boyd's affection. Bird of Paradise-Johnny Baker falls overboard in the South Seas and is rescued by Luana, the beautiful daughter of a Polynesian chieftain. The unlikely pair fall in love, but it is an ill-fated union. Outpost in Morocco-Paul Gerard, a captain in the Foreign Legion, falls helplessly in love with Cara, an enemy emir's daughter. Now, the emir's forces are on the brink of rebellion and Gerard must protect his garrison until reinforcements arrive. Renfrew of The Royal Mounted-Royal Mountie Sergeant Renfrew and his faithful dog Lightning are on the trail of some nasty counterfeiters. They follow a desperate call for help to Totem Pole Lodge. Prehistoric Women-A tribe of women, trained to hunt and fight, must seek husbands. Tigri captures Engor, but her rival Arva tries to claim him. Engor escapes and accidently discovers how to make fire. Will the tribes learn the value of cohabitation? Call of the Yukon-In an Eskimo settlement abandoned each winter because of its harsh weather and vicious wolves, a writer, a trader and a trapper seek shelter in a deserted cabin with dangerous results. Scott of the Antarctic-British Captain Robert Falcon Scott leads an inadequately supplied group across the frozen frontier where the temperatures are dangerously cold, and a rival team of Norwegians is also hoping to be the first to make it to the uncharted South Pole. Crashing Thru-Royal Mountie Sergeant Renfrew is on the trail of six gold thieves. When Renfrew's sidekick Kelly is wounded, the sergeant is forced to go it alone. The White Orchid-Archeologist Robert Burton and photographer Kathryn Williams travel to research a lost Toltec tribe in the jungles of southern Mexico. An accidental death triggers a fatal punishment and a desperate escape. East of Kilimanjaro-Together photojournalist Marsh Connors and research scientist Dr. Marie Avedon work to stop an epidemic plaguing East African cattle. King Arthur, The Young Warlord -This is the inspiring, epic journey of a noble warrior's quest to prove his worth, his might, and his destined fate to become the next ruler of Britain. The Voyage of the Yes -When teenagers Cal Markwell and Orlando Parker depart on a 2,600 mile sailboat trip to Hawaii, they are forced to confront their inner demons and face the wrath of a brutal storm along the way.
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