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4-Movie Dove Collection, Vol. 3 DVD Sam Elliott -

Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

4-Movie Dove Collection, Vol. 3 DVD Sam Elliott -


Against a Crooked Sky: With only his courage and determination to guide him, a young boy, Sam, journeys into a harsh, unforgiving land to save his kidnapped sister. Starring veteran Western actor Richard Boone. The Ranger, The Cook and a Hole in the Sky: A rookie forester (Jerry O'Connell) learns life lessons under the watchful eye his superior (Sam Elliott) in this captivating Norman Maclean tale. Harvest: Twenty years after skipping town, Jacob Hansen has returned to find his brother married to his once-love and running the farm he was supposed to inherit. Now the family must overcome their past and deal with the feelings they have harbored for decades. The Proud Rebel: John Chandler is traveling the country with his son, David, and their sheep dog, Lance, in search of a doctor who can help David speak. But when financing the treatment becomes a concern, John must make the difficult decision between helping his son or preserving the friendship between the boy and his dog.
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