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9-Movie Big Box of Horror DVD Box Set Melora Walters -

Echo Bridge

9-Movie Big Box of Horror DVD Box Set Melora Walters -


Hurt-When Helen Coltrane loses her husband in a terrible accident, she is forced to move herself and her two children to her brother-in-law's salvage yard. As if that isn't bad enough, her husband's last request was for the family to foster a young girl named Sarah Parsons, whom he was helping before his death. Sarah appears to be a sweetheart, wide-eyed and lost. But that look isn't's evil. The Cry-Children across New York City are mysteriously disappearing, and it's up to Detective Alex Scott to decipher why. Distracted by the memory of his own son, it's difficult for him to concentrate on the plights of these distraught families. But when Alex's investigation turns up evidence of La Llorana—a mysterious legend that forces mothers to kill their children—his eyes are opened to problems much more pressing than his own. Bay Coven-With some convincing by their friends, Jerry and Linda have decided to move to the island community of Bay Cove. But once they move in, Linda's perspective starts to change. Qualities she once saw as quaint, she realizes are literally from another time...because the residents are all hundreds of years old. Behind their picturesque lives, this coven of witches is on a mission to fill a vacancy in their bloodline—and Linda is the perfect candidate. Midnight's Child-Kate and Nick thought an au pair would be the answer to all their problems. But when Anna Bergman showed up at their door, childcare became the least of their worries. A sinister girl with a dark past, Anna casts a dangerous spell over the that they must break if they hope to survive her stay. The Cellar Door-Herman lurks deep in his basement, a man with an appetite for murder. Satisfying his urges with beautiful girl-next-door types, he captures, tortures and disposes of his victims with the precision of a mastermind. When Rudy comes across Herman's radar, it seems she will be just another one of the poor souls who dies in his cellar. But she's had plenty of time to think while bound, gagged and caged...plenty of time to plot an escape. Pelt-Determined to hike a hard-to-access trail, a group of friends gather up their backpacks and booze for a camping trip in the wild. But when they decide to trek across private property, they meet a killer who doles out serious punishments for trespassing. Deep in the woods there's no one to save their skins...and no one to hear them scream. Dogman-It's lurking in the woods near Hank's (Larry Joe Campbell) rural Michigan home. In the same way Hank hunts down big bucks, this creature, wolf-like and thirsty for blood, stalks prey of the human variety. Hank quickly learns that the legend of the Dogman is no myth and now, as his community suffers from its vicious, bacteria-infested wounds, this down-home hillbilly must prove that in these woods, he's the top dog. The Eves-Spring break means sun, fun and plenty of partying for a group of friends. But their road trip to the coast is cut short when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. They go to a nearby hunting lodge for help, but before they know it, the animals on the walls aren't the only ones that are dead. Monsters in the Woods-Horror director Jayson has his hands full with his inexperienced cast. Trying to shoot a film with them on location is giving him a serious headache, and having a documentary crew on site isn t helping. But arrogant actors are the least of his worries when their fake horror movie becomes a real one—complete with Monsters in the Woods.
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