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American Educational Products

American Educational Products R-APK1 Air Pollution Kit -


Using a controlled environment and common air pollutant, your students will observe the direct effect sulfur dioxide has on plants. Squash and marigold plants are germinated and then placed in an SO2 saturated environment where growth is monitored and recorded. This kit includes one activity that is conducted for 5 days. Teacher's guide and reproducible student worksheets are also included. Grades 6-12. Ages 11-18.

Learn concepts of air pollution and its harmful effects using one form of a common air pollutant, sulfur dioxide on experiments with plant life. This kit provides instruction, apparatus and materials to experiment with plant seedlings exposed to a sulfur dioxide atmosphere at a known concentration which produces an effect on plant life that can easily be observed within several days.

  • Condition: New
  • Purchase Contains: One Air Pollution Kit - 1 Spoon, 1 Pipette, Large Disposable, 4 Petri Dishes, Marigold Seeds, hands in Bag, 4 Developing Domes, 2 paper Filter, 5" Dia, 2 Foam Discs, 2 Twist Ties, Sulfur Dioxide Generator, Bottle Plastic, Cap Plastic, Plug Plastic, Squash Seeds, Printed Materia Package
  • Model: R-APK1
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