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Attica with 4 Bonus Films DVD Morgan Freeman, Ernie Hudson -

Echo Bridge

Attica with 4 Bonus Films DVD Morgan Freeman, Ernie Hudson -

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Attica-Demanding improvement of their rights, restless inmates take over the Attica State Correctional Facility in the bloodiest prison uprising in U.S. history. Starring Morgan Freeman. Hijack-Senator Douglas Wilson (Ernie Hudson), like most political officials, has his share of disgruntled constituents, but the stakes are raised when Wilson's train is hijacked in this Die Hard meets The Taking of Pelham 123 action favorite. The Dark Side of the Sun-Plagued by a rare skin disease, Rick (Brad Pitt) always wears a leather mask when he goes out into the sun—until he meets a mesmerizing young woman who gives him reason to stop hiding. Although the decision to reveal his true self opens his heart to love, Rick is now also vulnerable to the serious dangers of his disease. Black Brigade-From famed producer Aaron Spelling comes Black Brigade, the story of a racist Army captain assigned an all-black unit of soldiers. Starring Richard Pryor. One Down Two to Go-When a mixed martial arts fight goes bad for Chuck (Jim Kelly) and his promoter, Ralph (Richard Roundtree), they end up beaten and broke, swindled out of their prize money. Luckily, their friends, Cal (Fred Williamson) and J (Jim Brown), are willing to help with the problem and head out on the town to dole out punishments to the men responsible.
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