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Before They Were Bond: 9 Movies DVD Box Set -

Echo Bridge

Before They Were Bond: 9 Movies DVD Box Set -

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Love & Rage:Agnes MacDonnell, the owner of a large estate, was satisfied living as an independent woman. But when James Lynchehaun (Daniel Craig) showed up on her property, she was exposed to a world of passion—the feeling of which left her vulnerable to his vicious ways. Gold:Hurry Hirschfeld is a crotchety but caring gold tycoon who owns the country's largest mine and falls victim to a cold-blooded plot. Passion's Way:Edith Wharton's beautiful words come to life on screen in this classic adaptation of The Reef starring Sela Ward, Timothy Dalton, Leslie Caron and Alicia Witt. Legend of Sea Wolf: A tyrannical sea captain (Chuck Connors) torments his crew unmercifully in this Jack London adaptation. Nightmare in Badham County:While passing through a small town in Badham County, college friends Cathy and Diane get a flat tire and encounter the sleazy local lawman, Sheriff Dannen. He doesn't appreciate their response to his advances and arranges for their car repairs to take all day, forcing Cathy and Diane to set up camp. But when Dannen arrests them for trespassing, the girls realize they are in for much more than a stay in the town jail. The Slave of the Cannibal God:Susan (Ursula Andress) and her brother Arthur are aided by Dr. Foster (Stacy Keach) in searching for her missing anthropologist husband in the foreboding jungles of New Guinea. Captured by a cannibalistic Stone Age tribe, they learn of the horrific fate of Susan's husband and must fight to escape the same end. Silver Hawk:Silver Hawk (Michelle Yeoh), a feisty female superhero, uses her martial arts training to stop a villain from controlling minds and enslaving the world. The Satanic Rites of Dracula:In this dark and diabolical tale, Christopher Lee stars as Count Dracula, who fronts a satanic cult that uses a research establishment and real estate business as a cover for its dastardly deeds in 1970's London. The Phantom Planet:An astronaut is forced to make an emergency landing on a desolate asteroid. When he inhales the atmosphere, he begins to shrink. The space explorer stumbles upon a miniature race of beings and joins them to conquer monsters that eat them.
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