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David & Goliath with 7 Bonus Movies DVD Orson Wells, Joan Collins -

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David & Goliath with 7 Bonus Movies DVD Orson Wells, Joan Collins -


David and Goliath: A young shepherd named David must challenge a nine-foot tall giant to a battle in order to remove King Saul (Orson Welles) from his throne. Esther and the King: Esther (Joan Collins) hopes she will win the devotion of King Ahasuerus (Richard Egan) and influence him to make peace among all the citizens of Persia. Joseph and His Brethren: Joseph and His Brethren is the powerful Old Testament parable of Joseph, a slave who frees himself from oppression and becomes a minister in the Pharaoh's court. Constantine and the Cross: The rise of the Roman Emperor Constantine (Cornel Wilde) and how his conversion to Christianity changed the world. James Brother of Jesus: Travel around the world as archeologists and theologians attempt to solve the mystery of a burial box inscribed in Aramaic with the words "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus." Herod the Great: The massacre of innocent babies in Bethlehem and the destruction of his colossal kingdom are the shocking results of Herod the Great's fit of revenge. The Great Commandment: Jesus of Nazareth teaches Joel, a young Judean scholar, peace and passivity, helping Joel to avoid violence when he's confronted by the Roman soldier who murdered his brother. The Pilgrimage Play: The story of the life of Jesus Christ (Nelson Leigh) as told by the disciple Peter to two other prisoners as they all await their fates in prison.
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