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Disturbing The Peace: 10 Action Movie Collection DVD -

Maverick Entertainment

Disturbing The Peace: 10 Action Movie Collection DVD -

$9.99 $12.99

Movies Included - MEXICAN MOB WAR - A seasoned professional killer and master of escape, is finally offered the big cash score that has always eluded him. 7 COLOMBIAN KILOS - A brutal story of betrayal between Lino and Weecho, two partners in the violent business of supplying drugs to Chicago s Westside. OWNED - After serving years in prison, Cisco is finally free and ready to put the past behind him. But, his hopes are shattered when a drug dealer confronts him about a $10,000 debt. CONSIGNMENT - Based on true events, Consignment is about Tommy Jones, a reluctant East Coast drug dealer on the run with his wife, Yolanda, after a rival kingpin's plan to have him ripped-off and murdered goes wrong. MEXICAN SUNRISE - Mexican Sunrise is a fast paced, well written blend of drama, thrills and action. BORDER TOWN - In the five years since human traffickers kidnapped his daughter Vincent has traveled the world and left a bloody wake behind him. HOODRATS - Loco & Mario Are Hommies Who Are Always Up To No Good. But Whenan Ex-Con Asks For Their Help, It'S An Offer They Can'T Refuse. STONE COLD KILLERS - tells the story of four lives forced to confront the shattering reality of their present and future. THE LAWLESS - Two undercover cops are compromised and now are faced with a choice; kill or watch their loved ones be killed. Taking on the personas of cold blooded murderers these two cops prove that there is evil inside of everyone. THE SCRATCH - A rookie private eye and his team put together a plan to rescue a kidnapped computer hacker who downloaded something he shouldn't have. A simple heist, rescue the hacker and retrieve the downloaded booty for themselves, but things don t always go as planned. The heist turns deadly when a hidden agenda is revealed leading to an explosive climax of betrayal and revenge.
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