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Farm with 4 Bonus Movies DVD Freddie Meyer, Michael Hotop -

Echo Bridge

Farm with 4 Bonus Movies DVD Freddie Meyer, Michael Hotop -

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These terrifying titles are sure to make horror fans' blood run cold and leave them satisfyingly paralyzed with fear! Farm: In this apocalyptic zombie thriller, Charlie and his younger brother, Simon, live a secluded life on their farm, never venturing beyond their property. Each day stretches into the next, a routine of tending livestock and harvesting crops. But as the fields become fallow and the animals die, the deadly secret lying just below the surface of their quiet existence—the secret they have tended as a conscientiously as their land—will soon reap a deadly nightmare. Ominous: The Callahans need some time away together, so father Mitch decides to surprise his family with a trip to a newly renovated cabin in the woods. With this wife, Sara, and three children in tow, Mitch anticipates a relaxing week ahead. But something is strange about this place and in combination with their underlying issues, the Callahans' vacation will be anything but peaceful...especially with a paranormal presence lurking close by. Evidence of a Haunting: From demonic spirit infestation to menacing poltergeists, the Supernatural Phenomena Research Society covers a lot of territory. Tackling the paranormal problems of people across the country, this six person team—Rayne, Sam, Tor, Echo, Shelley and Father Bowden—faces the eerie afterlife with vim and vigor. But when they encounter their most difficult case yet in the tunnels below a community college, evil may finally overcome these ambitious investigators. Meadowoods: Travis, Steph and Ryan are planning a murder. They want to be legends, to be remembered like Bundy and Dahmer. But first they need a target, a strategy, and the guts to go through with it. When they choose a random victim, a classmate named Kayla, Travis' gears begin to turn and he designs a box for burying her alive. Everything is in place, but as the killing night draws near, someone gets cold feet—and it's not just the girl in the ground. Deadrise: Paula (Renée O'Connor), an inspector for a historical preservation society, has just received a request to evaluate an old ship. But when she shows up, the aged vessel doesn't have a board of directors, or much else to support to her visit...except a strange caretaker named Vigs (Larry Joe Campbell). When Paula's ride becomes unavailable, Vigs invites her to spend the night on the ship. With no other options, Paula agrees and when night falls, her nightmare begins...
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