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Git Along Little Dogies/The Kansan/Hi-Yo Silver/ Sing, Cowboy, Sing DVD -

Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

Git Along Little Dogies/The Kansan/Hi-Yo Silver/ Sing, Cowboy, Sing DVD -

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Hi-Yo Silver This abridgement of the 1938 serial, The Lone Ranger, bands together five leading men - any one of whom might be the illustrious veiled avenger. With the help of faithful sidekick Tonto, the group battles a gang of desperadoes led by the fiendish Mr. Jeffries. Git Along, Little Dogies Doris Maxwell and her banker father are heading up a drilling project that rancher Gene Autry, concerned the oil wells will pollute his land, is fighting against. But the real villain is oil-drilling superintendent George Wilkins who frames Mr. Maxwell and claims the well is dry in order to take over the operation himself. The Kansan John Bonniwell (Richard Dix) becomes a local hero by running Jesse James' gang out of town. With a strong recommendation from respected bank owner Steve Barat (Albert Dekker), Bonniwell is appointed town marshal, but soon after taking the job, he learns Barat is not the prominent citizen he appears to be. Sing, Cowboy, Sing When Madge Summers' husband is ruthlessly killed, Tex Archer (Tex Ritter) and Duke Evans (Al St. John), having been the ones to discover George's body, step in to help her keep her freight line going, as well as to bring the vile crooks to justice.
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