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Little Dogs Lost Collection DVD Greg Evigan, Chill Wills -

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Little Dogs Lost Collection DVD Greg Evigan, Chill Wills -

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Poco: Little Dog Lost-When Kim and her little dog, Poco, are separated as the result of a car accident, Poco bravely sets out across the desert to find her, having adventures and making friends along the way, including Big Bert (Chill Wills), an old prospector with a heart of gold. Pets to the Rescue-A brother and sister are held captive by a trio of ragtag crooks. But the siblings aren't alone—they've got a team of courageous pets on their side! Tiger-Josh loves dogs and has always longed for a puppy of his own. But as the youngest in a big family, having a pet is out of the question...until he meets Tiger. Abandoned near Josh's house, the loveable pooch is cute, cuddly and best of all, he can talk! A Boy, A Girl and a Dog-Kip and Button volunteer their dog Lucky for military service in the K-9 corps during World War II and he becomes a hero. Summerdog-While house-sitting in the country, Peter and Carol's kids, Adam and Becky, enjoy a rollicking vacation away from the city and the companionship of their beloved new-found Summerdog named Hobo. But what will happen to Hobo when they head back home?
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