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Sacred Classics: 8 Features DVD Orson Welles, James Dean -

Echo Bridge

Sacred Classics: 8 Features DVD Orson Welles, James Dean -

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ESTHER AND THE KING: As newly widowed King Ahasuerus (Richard Egan) works to squash a hate campaign against the Jews, he finds his attentions being diverted by the beautiful Esther (Joan Collins). JOSEPH AND HIS BRETHREN: Joseph and His Brethren is the powerful Old Testament parable of Joseph, a slave who frees himself from oppression and becomes a minister in the pharaoh's court. THE POWER OF THE RESURRECTION: This historical film about love, faith, friendship, and rebirth depicts Christ's final days on earth as seen through the eyes of disciples Simon and Peter. THE GREAT COMMANDMENT: Jesus of Nazareth teaches Joel, a young Judean scholar, peace and passivity, helping Joel to avoid violence when he's confronted by the Roman soldier who murdered his brother. HILL NUMBER ONE: This portrayal of Christ's resurrection boasts an all-star cast and features James Dean in an inspired performance. I BEHELD HIS GLORY: A religious drama that follows Christ's fateful trip to Mount Calvary towards His crucifixion, which so moved Cornelius, a non-believer, that he found his faith. MARTIN LUTHER: Martin Luther recounts the tale of Luther's break from the Catholic Church, his posting of the 95 theses, and his eventual creation of the Protestant Movement. DAVID AND GOLIATH: Prophets foretell that a young shepherd named David will rise up and seize the crown from King Saul of Israel (Orson Welles) after battling the giant Goliath to the death.
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