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Westerns 5-Movie Collection DVD Clint Walker, Margot Kidder -

Echo Bridge

Westerns 5-Movie Collection DVD Clint Walker, Margot Kidder -


Aces N' Eights: In this gritty Texas tale, Thurmond Prescott's (Ernest Borgnine) property becomes the target of greedy railroad expansion. When he refuses to give up his ranch, the baddest henchmen in the West battle back in a fight to the death. --Prairie Fever: While escorting a group of women suffering from "Prairie Fever", a troubled sheriff (Kevin Sorbo) stumbles upon yet another female. But Olivia isn't sick, she's on the run. Together the pair advocates for the voiceless women while they battle their own demons and the baddies who stand in their way. --The Bounty Man: Kinkaid (Clint Walker) is a vicious bounty hunter who rarely chooses the latter in "dead or alive." With an impressive number of captures under his belt, he sets out to tackle his biggest bounty yet: $5,000 for the outlaw Billy Riddle. Kinkaid catches Riddle, but his plan is thwarted when Billy's girlfriend decides to tag along. --Bullets Don't Argue: Today in Rivertown, church bells are ringing and love is in the air—Sheriff Pat Garrett is getting married! But a pair of brothers have a different that doesn't involve marital bliss. Now, instead of heading off on his honeymoon, Garrett must chase the men across the Mexican border. --Sabata the Killer: Always up to no good, the outlaw Mangosta and the elusive Sabata are in the middle of a bank robbery. Little do they know, the quiet teller, Peter, is in on the scam and grabs the drawer money before they can get it. When they discover the missing loot, Mangosta and Sabata confront Peter, but instead of making him pay, they add him to their crew.
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