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Writable Globe Vinyl Clever Catch 24" Inflated Ball in White -

$15.88 $29.99

  • How do you get a student to interact with geography without getting on a plane? Make a game of catch-the-planet!
  • There are a lot of games you can play with an inflatable globe
  • Toss it around and have the catcher answer a question about what is under their right thumb for example
  • Which hemisphere is it in? What are the coordinates? Identify the continent or ocean
  • So, when you have a blank white globe with black outlines, you have just upped the ante! Now the student has to identify or answer a question without seeing the names on the globe
  • Wouldn't that be a fun game of catch? Identify the nearest country to your left pointer finger, and then write it on with a wet-erase marker (not included)!
  • Keep tossing until the entire continent, or whole globe, is labeled!
  • Use for continents, countries, physical features, etc.
  • More fun than plain old blank paper maps! Great for your kinesthetic, hands-on learners or wiggly kiddos
  • 24" diameter
  • Condition: New
  • Purchase Contains: One Writable Globe Ball with Repair Patch
  • Model: SR-1438
  • Packaging: Retail Packaging
  • Return Policy: 30 Days

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